Has journaling in your scrapbook layouts got you stumped?


Has journaling in your scrapbook layouts got you stumped?

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Journaling in your scrapbook is as vital to your scrapbook album as the pictures. Actually many would argue that it is even more important. I have actually seen scrapbooking layouts with only journaling and no photos, as the author had not owned a camera at the time or the photos did not turn out. The memory was too special to not record and with her writing you knew that closing your eyes you could see exactly what she had seen that day.

Using poems, sayings, quotes and other passages can jumpstart the creative juices when journaling. Use scrapbook idea books and browse other's scrapbook layouts to obtain valuable ideas. Add life to your layouts by using your computer to try different fonts and sizes. But don't forget the importance of using your own handwriting too. Generations from now it will be touching for your family to see your own handwriting and how personal it is to look at.

There are many resources available online to enhance your journaling and scrapbooking layouts. Don't forget to use your child's little quips and questions as a good starting point for a page. Sometimes a comment can spark a scrapbook idea and the photos follow. Most importantly remember to include the basic Who What Where Why & How and then embellish.

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